Our story is simple, you have to be a Pet Lover in order to do what we are doing! We are all pet lovers of different Pet Species from dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals, and farm animals. Many of us own more than 1 pet in our homes. Our owners realized a few years ago while they were caring for 13 dogs, 3 cats, 3 fish, and 10 birds that there was no single location platform for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers to really find the ability to adopt or purchase Pets, Products and Services online. Our owners also realized that there was little information about the Pet Brands they were buying regarding recalled items for sale, ingredients of the food being purchased or the snacks, nor information on what is good for the animals unless you were doing an internet search or you happened to hear it via social media.

In fact in order to work at PETSSIFIED.COM you must own a pet. If you do not own a pet, you must participate in sponsoring a pet at one of our Animal Rescues. We are going to make this into a Corporate Responsibility for our organization and encourage other organizations to follow our suit!

Petssified.com was created as a convenience for Pet Lovers and Pet Owners to be informed, get educated, and still have the luxury of doing the regular shopping for their pets. We are a growing company and we are working towards our promise of “Let no Pet be Left Behind”!


PETSSIFIED.COM is the First online Negotiating Pet Platform Marketplace connecting Pet Lovers to Pets, Pet Products & Services such as Pet Food, Accessories, Travel, Transport Courier, Hotels, Spas, Boarding, Sitting Healthcare, Insurance, Training & Grooming needs.

Now Pet Owners can transact via Bid Now & Buy Now options, they can search for Deals & Coupons, Pet Care, Animal Rescues, Breeders & Pet Events, Airlines, Hotels via Consumer Geo Centric Locations and make informed decisions along the way.

Consumers will be able to post their classified listings or meet ups & events within their neighborhood relating to Pets.

Pet Owners can also Post their own Pets, Pet Products & Services via the Petssified™ classified Listings.

We are owned and operated by true Pet Lovers who want to make this platform into something that will help Pet Owners. It is a fun and exciting platform and this will grow into the hotspot of Pet Haven for owners and pets as long as we strive to succeed via our culture, value and mission within the organization.


Organically, PETSSIFIED.COM creates an advanced, enhanced & simplified technology network between Business to Pet Lovers and Pet Lovers to Pet Owners, for a Seamless end to end customer experience.


The joy that our Pets bring to us in our lives unconditionally, the dependency on us humans from our Pets who bring us joy, laughter, unconditional love is what makes us happy, change our own ways, provides us company and brings the justice of responsibility to the ultimate measures we know of. For this reason alone, PETSSIFIED.COM has created a program of called “Let no Pet be Left Behind”. This program is created to help facilitate families and Pet Owners with the appropriate level of financial help, education, pet placement, pet services we can provide based on our values and ethics of just being good simple people and sharing the wealth and knowledge with our suffering Pets, Pet Owners and or their families.

We are just devastated with the Pets that are abandoned every year for whatever life reason that comes up. We do not discriminate against others for their issues or problems, we know that life is difficult and responsibilities are not that easy. We also understand the depression that comes with the loss of a pet or putting your pet up for adoption. These are the hard facts of life. That is why our owners have stated that for each transaction that is spent on the PETSSIFIED.COM platform, a portion of it will go directly to the non kill shelters across the country as listed in the site. In addition, our owners have asked us to ensure you understand that for life’s problems, you can submit your concerns to us directly and we will respond to you. We are here to listen, understand and hopefully help improve the lives of our Pets, our Pet Owners and our Pet Lovers. It’s time we work together collectively with our partners and our vendors and our customers to make a stand against the cruelty towards animals right in our neighborhoods and in our homes. We are not giving up on our Pets. We know you aren’t either.

Join us to make a difference!