Human-animal interaction encompasses any situation where there is interchange between human(s) and animal(s) at an individual or cultural level.

These interactions are diverse and idiosyncratic, and may be fleeting or profound.

The human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors considered essential to the health and well-being of both. The bond includes, but is not limited to the emotional, psychological, and physical interactions of people, animals, and the environment. The veterinarian’s role in the human-animal bond is to maximize the potential of this relationship between people and animals and specifically to promote the health and well-being of both. OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZES:


PETSSIFIED.comrecognizes that veterinarians may observe cases of suspected animal abuse or neglect as defined by federal or state laws, or local ordinances.

PETSSIFIED.comencourages state legislation providing immunity from liability in any civil, criminal, or state licensing action to any veterinarian who reports, in good faith, a suspected case of animal abuse or neglect to the proper authorities. encourages state legislatures to pass legislation that client/patient records related to suspected cases of animal abuse or neglect provided to proper authorities are exempt from confidentiality restrictions.

PETSSIFIED.comencourages the general public, animal owners, animal rescue organizations, animal breeders, animal associations to advise of known incidents and known areas of abuse of animals and bring in the appropriate authorities to handle the situation.

Prompt disclosure of abuse is necessary to protect the health and welfare of animals and people. Veterinarians should be aware that accurate, timely record keeping and documentation of these cases are essential.

PETSSIFIED.comencourages the general public, animal owners, animal rescue organizations, animal breeders, animal associations, veterinarians to educate clients, recognize the signs of animal abuse and neglect, and familiarize themselves with relevant laws and the appropriate authorities to whom they should report suspected cases of animal abuse or neglect within their jurisdiction.

ANIMAL FIGHTING condemns profusely any kind of fighting events involving animals in which injury or death is intended.

PETSSIFIED.comhas an open door policy where we can ensure that the enforcement of laws against the use and transport of animals and equipment for fighting ventures.

PETSSIFIED.comrecommends that animal fighting be considered a felony offense and is advising all customers, vendors, suppliers accordingly.

PETSSIFIED.comis going to continue to encourage veterinarians and animal hospitals to learn to recognize the signs of animal fighting, educate the public about the harm caused by animal fighting, and to collaborate with law enforcement with respect to recognition and enforcement of applicable laws.


Measuring and protecting anANIMAL WELFARE requires attention to its physical and mental health. The actions and choices ofPEOPLE impact the welfare of all domestic and many wild animals. Accordingly, theVETERINARIAN PROFESSION has great responsibility and tremendous opportunity to work with people and animals to ensure animals' good welfare.


Biomedical research leads to better understanding of human and animal health and disease. This research helps develop treatment and cures that improve the lives of ourselves and the animals around us. Much of the knowledge can be gained through research using isolated cells or tissues in cultures, or even modeled through computer simulations based upon data previously established from animal studies. promotes the use of these alternatives to the use of animals whenever possible.

However, when necessary, the responsible use of animals in research can provide valuable insight that advances scientific knowledge in ways that are not possible through alternative methods.

Veterinarians play an important role in the process of caring for laboratory animals as well as developing alternative research methods.

Many research projects evaluate the welfare of animals in a laboratory setting.

PETSSIFIED.comwill continue to works zealously to stay on top of the current literature related to all aspects of animal welfare. will continue to have an open door policy on the ability to whistle blow on any human, veterinarian, or corporation that does not follow the country, state or counties laws to be reported directly.

PETSSIFIED.comrequests that your concerns are legitimate and evidenced rather than accusations of animal cruelty, animal fighting that have been brought up to these authorities.

You can send your concerns or incidents to who will then advocate on your behalf after review of the incidents with our legal team and forward it to the appropriate federal or state or county or city impacted.

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