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You don’t have to make your own at a home to get all the benefits of healthy homemade dog food. At Happy Dog Food, we make it easy to avoid giving your canine companion an unhealthy commercial diet that can lead to bad teeth, dull eyes, constipation and stomach related problems, as well as make your dog lethargic or lacking in energy. If you choose our natural whole foods and make it at home with our base-mixes, you can help reduce or eliminate most of these common food related issues and your canine companion can live a much healthier and happier life.

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healthy whole food for dogs

It is a lot easier to buy off-the-shelf dog foods because they save you time and hassle. It is indeed an easier solution, especially when we are all so busy now-a-days. Big pet food manufacturers produce high volume, low quality pet foods focusing primarily on the bottom line rather than the health and welfare of our companion animals. A limited Ingredient food, with fresh protein is the best thing you can do for your canine companion. You can count on us to help making your dog’s food easier, more convenient and of course, healthier.


Happy Dog Food

While some canine guardians prefer to make their own, many others simply buy whatever is available at their local grocery or pet store. However, healthy whole food for dogs is always a healthier choice than canned or bagged food available in the market. The reason a lot of canine guardians get off-the-shelf products is because they are convenient. However, in most cases, these highly processed foods contain meat of unknown origin. If your canine companion suffers from itching, scratching, digestive problems or more, it could be linked to problems with food. Switching away from highly processed pet food to a natural & healthy whole food for dogs may be just what they need.