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Pet Grooming Services

Pet Grooming Services


Naturally dogs keep their hair and skin in good condition by licking, scratching, dry bathing (rolling in dust) or simply by getting wet. Saliva contains natural antiseptics, while licking and scratching are normal beneficial activities, when performed in moderation.Rolling and rubbing are ways in which the dog massages its skin, removes debris from areas that can not be reached by tongues or paws and activates its sebaceous glands (their secretions also have antimicrobial properties).No matter how much your dog cleans itself, it still has its distinctive, funky smell. The reason why dogs smell like, well…dogs is that they do not sweat like we do. Dogs perspire from their paws and emit a light perspiration from their hair follicles. That perspiration has a chemical scent, individual to the dog. Maybe all dogs smell the same to us, but they do not smell the same to each other. Additionally when the dog’s normal skin microorganisms like bacteria and yeasts are influenced by some external factors, many volatile odoriferous compounds are released.Ear infections, anal sacs infections and bad oral hygiene also influence the way your dog smells. To avoid these conditions groom your dog regularly.


Everyday dirt, dander and allergens from your dog’s coat, all contribute to a stinky odor. The best way to remove them is by daily brushing. Since dead hair and skin cells lead to bad odor, make sure to increase the brushing or combing during your dog’s shedding period.Bathing is an essential part of grooming. However too much bathing can do more harm than good because it disrupts the natural balance of the skin microorganisms. Replace the old-fashioned bathing with wet dog wipes, dry shampoos and powders.Wet wipes offer an easy and quick alternative to a daily bath. Just make sure to avoid wiping the area around the eyes. Dry dog shampoos come as sprays and powders and they are designed to be rubbed into the skin. They help eliminating the grease and odor from your dog’s hair without the hassles or risks associated with a traditional bath. They are easy to apply and remove.


Check your dog’s ears for odor, inflammation and wax build-up. If there is too much wax, remove it with a proprietary ear wax remover or simply wipe the inside of the ear with a cotton ball moistened with mineral oil. If your dog has hairs inside his ear canal, you can pluck them with tweezers.


Good grooming includes proper brushing of teeth and gums. Brushing prevents tooth decay and gum diseases. Keep in mind that your dog should have his own toothbrush and toothpaste. Human toothpastes are toxic for dogs


The dog’s nails need to be kept at a proper length. If you are not sure how to cut your dog’s nails without damaging the nerve, ask your veterinarian to show you how to do it.


Some breeds grow an abundance of hair on the top, bottom and between their toes. These hairs are like magnet for dirt. Use blunt-tripped scissors to carefully cut away the excess hair on the feet.

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