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BLUE Basics Grain-Free Duck & Potato Recipe is a limited-ingredient diet formulated to minimize food sensitivities some dogs experience, while maximizing the nutritional value they receive. And becaus...


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BLUE Basics Grain-Free Duck & Potato Recipe is a limited-ingredient diet formulated to minimize food sensitivities some dogs experience, while maximizing the nutritional value they receive. And because it’s BLUE, it’s made with only the finest natural ingredients. BLUE LifeSource Bits are a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists that support: - Immune system health - Life stage requirements - Healthy oxidative balance And LifeSource Bits are cold-formed to help retain the potency of their ingredients. This means that we minimize the amount of heat that LifeSource Bits are exposed to during the manufacturing process. It’s the same concept as when you cook vegetables at high heat — the longer you do, the more heat-sensitive nutrients are lost. BLUE Basics Grain-Free Duck & Potato Recipe Adult Food for Dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

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Thousands of people were jubilant, hanging out in the streets. I was helpless to leave, the airport was closed. It was very frightening being an English girl in her early 20s in Tehran thought to be. breakthrough Guards burst into my house, Forced open my cabinet and created my drinks outside. I was pinned up the particular wall of my own home, With a rifle at my make. I was charged with being a "spanish pig spy, i I would be killed. I thanked God i should have speak French. They loved the french people who had harboured Ayatollah Khomeini in exile all those years. They question I was French. I was a primary school university student. Schools were closed from time to time. there seemed to be a fair amount of chaos and martial law. I clearly remember that we had to line up in the cold winter for petrol and that there was considerable shortage of fuel due to the so called pioneering activities. there were frequent power cuts too. after the Shah left, Everyone was happy all the time. (Some of this actually sounds like a mild version of what is happening today!) everyone was giving sweets away and you could see them flicking their car headlights and wipers as a sign of jubilation. I guess little they new what tyranny was waiting for them!Ali, Tehran The Iranian Revolution was a relief from the drab and stale office. It was a revival. The Revolution gave many folks a second chance. the activities now? The innovation has exhausted itself. The culture of image praise, The difficult answers of prelates on mundane affairs, the possible lack of toleration and the new era in Europe, indonesia, And America has made worse youngsters and public alike in Iran. We are ready for something new. Akbar Javadi, Tehran Iran I was a teenager in London when the Iranian revolution happened believed anyone would be far better the Shah. Khomeini told us he would do not have anything to do with ruling the country and we believed we would have more liberties without the Shah; I as a secular Iranian consideration Khomeini. this didn't take us long to see how we were deceived. I to make one, Am sorry to have misjudged the Shah prefer him to the mullahs who have ruined the country. the moment of revolution, It would have been impossible for me to imagine that one day my opinion of the Shah would change so much and most of it is attributable to what has happened to Iran now. Nina, new york, electricity a real drag, No likely, No freedom for younger generations during both regimes. No body had people's welfare at heart, Only your. I came back from kindergarten and I saw my father holding the old radio and hearing the news. He was moaping! gurus why and he said: "A very very bad thing has happened my daughter, A very bad thing, We didn't leave Iran after the movement. My memories of Iran before it are so faded or result from my parents' pictures. All I know is Iranians did not and do not need to live like this. Iran does not should be treated like this. I was in the total year of my 'A' Levels in London, When the Iranian revolution came about. Since the wave I have visited Iran frequently, primarily Sistan and Baluchistan, The province of Iran I because of. web site, People's life has changed colossally and for the better. the federal government of the Islamic Republic provides food, medical care, And housing facilities for everyone who does not earn a living. Whilst the health concern is not as extensive as in the UK, It is provided for everybody who's. I feel proud of the modification that brought dignity, Security and health to the people that I grew up with. if or not these changes could have come with time, And without having Islamic revolution, We can only predict. I lost many friends in the revolution, During the executions by present day government and Iran/Iraq war. The revolution started with the very best of ideals, freedom, Democracy etc but was soon hi-jacked by the Islamic extremists. Unbeknown to me there would be a SAVAK agent reporting every detail of these students' <a href=>dating a spanish girl</a> lives. in case the Shah fell, the scholars got a hold of the secret records which stated that Javad and his girlfriend went to Disneyland and that I made him wear a Mickey Mouse Hat. True editorial!Joan, australia i recall it vividly. I recall our pathetic president doing nothing while my countrymen were kidnapped and held hostage for 444 days while our embassy was stolen (and remains so). I remember watching the evening news with my father each day counting them upward while we sat and did nothing for them. A lesson figured out how to: Religion is a terrible thing when practiced outside the mosque or church where it belongs. It was the US's religion of money and oil before all else that led to the overthrow of Mossadeq in 1953 and installing the Shah. It was the overthrow this led to the sin, Not each Islamic takeover. john Gravitt, Iowa metropolis, IA We only wanted the right to live in an Islamic society, Where we will practice moderate Islam freely. instantly voting for democracy in 1953, The Shah continued to run the country in the interests of a minority. The revolution was bloodless and a revolution of those. who bless Imam KhomeniSyed Shah, Tehran,Iran I figured in Iran in 1979 and 1980. As a young woman with a young son in school it was entertaining. Of course life was different then and for the middle class Iranians the return of Ayatollah Khomeini was a memorable event: Indeed the bazaari were tired with the privileges of the Shah's family. Ugly purges developed, people: dermatologists, orthodontists (Bahai) Were in jail. Names of the pavement were soon changed, Women barred from most physician offices, My working permit merely extended. On September 21st the Iraqi airplanes bombarded Tabriz and reluctantly we foreigners had to leave. portugal Betbeder, paris I am a 17 year old Iranian girl. Thanks to the revolution i've never been able to go to my country. My image of Iran is the images I see of my parents' paper photographs: Of fashionable women not one with a headscarf men in smart suits and beautiful buildings. My mother came to this country before the emerging trend for private schooling. She tells me of people's positive reactions after heard she was from Iran, And the pride she used to <a href=>girlfriend in spanish</a> feel as it. week I told someone I was Iranian. The reply to: "Where is the headscarf, Thanks to this regime i never been able to feel such pride. We familiar with live freely. I was forced to check a boarding school in France, And didn't see my mother for six years, And my dad for 18 years! it is sometimes complicated to be an Iranian abroad. But I stay very happy with being Iranian, And mostly local. Because I derive from a country with +5000 years of history, and the great mullahs are just the second invasion of the Islamicisation of Iran. while you are in Iran, anybody is "Islamic" in public places, But at home most women have their Aragh (hometown vodka) And party like all of those other world. PersaBCN, the capital, spain I clearly remember when Khomeini came from France on an Air France flight, at this time everybody thought he would wave the magic wand and everything would fall in place. How wrong cute were, Theocratic rule to come has got a solid grip on Iran. although, the primary Shah was no angel either, in reference to his deadly "SAVAK" Everywhere students disappeared overnight for deliberating dissenting with the Shah's regime. Is Iran more fortunate right now? not really! It is out of step with changes. Secretly people are outraged at the amount of money is sent overseas to fund the extremists. Politicalobservor, greater toronto area ON. my dad, A deeply non secular man, Begged my brothers not to join the trend and street protests. Although my father did not like Shah's policies, He insisted there's nothing Islamic about Khomeini either. But my brothers did their way. It was fun undertake a gun and to protest and set fires. My bros repented years later. This Marxist trend (With a devout mask) Took away our religious beliefs, And completely destroyed our values and our innocence. They brainwashed me for decades in schools. You don't know what it means to be deceived in the God. Hassan.

  1. WilliamLonry

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  1. JoshuaDus

    Public Comment the particular Berkeley Daily Planet On our Iran Air flight from Frankfurt to Tehran, each one of the stewardesses wore a "hiyab, weight training entered Iran's airspace, an announcement over the intercom told the women to put on their hiyab or a head scarf. my partner, As did additional women on the <a href=>hot ukrainian girls</a> flight, Obliged by putting scarves on the heads. My wife wore a scarf taking care of her hair for our entire Iran visit. Why do Iran and other Muslim countries require a woman to hide her hair or her physique? Because they believe God has made it a duty for believing women. while in the Koran, God tells the believing men and women to lower their gaze and to dress modestly. that they (our god) clearly addresses women when He asks them not to show off their adornment, with the exception that which is apparent, And draw their veils over their bodies. (quran 24:30 31) now, God requires Muslim women to dress modestly and to cover in public or in the existence of men who are not close relatives. These verses of the Koran are known as the verses of hijab and many Islamic scholars believe that they make the wearing of a hijab mandatory. Some regions, which include Saudi Arabia and Qatar do enforce a dress code. Women there are expected to cover their hair and wear an important loose fitting, Full length closet over their clothes. although, For the majority of Muslim women around the globe, to fund, Or not to afford, Is a unhampered made choice. We have noted in our travels to indonesia, Egypt, And the other agents, That very few women wore such coverings maybe hijab. ostensibly, The hijab frees women from being considered as sexual playthings or from being valued for their looks, Or physique, Rather then the minds of men and intellect. As the reasons goes, merely slaves to consumerism, The hijab liberates women from the need to conform to developing muscular abs stereotypes and images dictated by the media. Wearing a hijab and dressing modestly and covering the hair, May even minimize sexual harassment in the workplace. expected, The aura of privacy created by a hijab is indicative of the great value Islam places upon women. Afghanistan plantar to Taliban The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist group who emerged about koranic schools in Pakistan. virtually all of the Taliban are ethnic Pashtun. any "burka" Is the mandatory garment of the Pashtun tribes. After the the departure of the Soviets in Afghanistan, The Taliban came to power and made the wearing of the full burka vital. The burka became a canvas imprisonment, Devaluing their pregnant women. in Taliban, Afghanistan went from a twentieth century country to a middle ages society. A women cannot clearly see lots of yards away when wearing a burka. people with glasses cannot use them. It assures control over a woman's body as it covers the eyes with a thick veil, Which stops the wearer from seeing normally. And because the canvas grid limits peripheral vision, Women become subject to others to effectively move around, especially in open areas. The thick veil of the burka prevents the public presence and eyes to be visible. The garment gets to the wearer's feet, Making <a href=>russian brides</a> it tough to walk or run. The burka weighs in at about 14 pounds. Imagine wearing a 14 pound garment each day. The Taliban forbids women from singing, performing, Playing musical applications, performing sports, labor, knowledge, or flying kites, An Afghan country wide pastime. Only male physicians may practice in hospitals, But they may not be allowed to treat or operate on women. When a woman is pregnant, The Afghans say completely sick. Ninety seven percent of Afghan women gave birth at home as they are forbidden to call male physicians. Forty percent of Afghan women died of childbirth difficulties. plantar too the burka, The child cannot see the individual's mother's face or receive skin contact. During nursing a newborn, The child cannot see the mother's face and the mother cannot clearly see her child's expressions from the burka, Thus stopping basic bonding between mother and child. Young guards of the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and protection against Vice once patrolled the streets with whips, supports, And sniper rifles. If women were seen sporting makeup, Exposing their faces or even having a laugh, They had to take them in very little legal defense. Women have even been beaten basically enlarged the holes in their burkas in order to see better. various penalties for these violations include stoning, Amputation, do it yourself, Flogging, And public accomplishments. as stonaboutg, The woman is put into a hole in the earth and covered up to her chest with dirt, Then men gem her to death. The stones ought not to be too big so as to cause immediate death, Nor too small as then they are certainly not considered stones. There are thousands of widows who must beg in the streets or prostitute themselves because under the law they can not receive their husbands' inheritance. Despite the new metabolic rate of 2004, Afghan women are sold, distributed, Or be part of an monetary gift. Forced marriages continue where about half involve girls under sixteen. Many Afghan women leave their homes only twice in their life-time, When they get married and go to live making use of their husbands, And if they die. Suicide by fire and domestic violence are prevalent. Since the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by the usa, not very much has changed for Afghan women, Despite the promises of the overseas community, not only in areas controlled by the Taliban, But also in areas controlled by the point coalition. President hamid karzai was once seen as a champion of women's causes and a welcome change to Taliban rule until he failed to deliver on promises to appoint women to cabinet posts. as part of 2009, He angered meeting place allies by signing onto the so called "rape" regulation, Containing clauses making it illegal for woman to refuse to have relations with their husbands, and some women could only seek work, Education or visit the doctor with the permission of their husband. It was dropped under abroad pressure. The u. s,usa States' war in Afghanistan is unwinnable. spending budget management coalition forces finally leave, The Taliban will either regain control of the us or at least exert considerable influence over the country's affairs ensuring that Afghan women will continue a miserable existence. Will the plight of Afghan for women who live any influence over our exit? most likely. where the niece of Aishah Bint Abu Bakr (The Prophet her conversation), Aisha bint Talha was asked by her hubby Musab to veil her face, She have responded, "given that Almighty hath put on me the stamp of beauty, It is my wish that your public should view the beauty and thereby recognize His grace unto them. On no account balance, being a result, not working veil myself, i like to recommend the film "Kandahar" plus "Kabuli teenager, I also recommend this particular books: "specific Bookseller of Kabul" via Seierstad; "The Kite jogger" and additionally "A Thousand wonderful Suns" just Khaled Hosseini. I am sure quite a bit other films and books on Afghanistan.

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